ASU F&A Rate Agreement: Understanding the Basics

Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest public research universities in the United States. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, ASU is committed to conducting high-quality research that makes a positive impact on society. To support this research, ASU has an F&A (Facilities & Administrative) rate agreement in place with the federal government.

So, what exactly is an F&A rate agreement? In simple terms, it is a negotiated percentage of indirect costs that are added to the direct costs of a research project. These indirect costs include expenses like utilities, equipment, and administrative services that are necessary to support the research but cannot be attributed directly to a specific project.

The F&A rate agreement between ASU and the federal government sets the percentage that can be charged for indirect costs on federally funded research projects. This agreement is updated periodically, reflecting changes in the costs associated with supporting research.

The F&A rate is a critical factor in determining the total amount of funding that ASU receives for research projects. It is also an important consideration for researchers when developing project budgets, as the F&A rate can significantly impact the overall cost of a project.

In addition to the federal government, ASU also has F&A rate agreements with other organizations, including industry partners and non-profit entities. These agreements are negotiated separately and reflect the unique needs and costs associated with each project.

The ASU F&A rate agreement is designed to ensure that the university has the necessary resources to support high-quality research that advances knowledge and contributes to the betterment of society. By negotiating fair and reasonable rates, ASU can continue to attract top talent, obtain cutting-edge equipment and facilities, and maintain its position as a leader in innovative research.

In conclusion, the ASU F&A rate agreement is a critical component of the university`s research endeavors. Understanding the basics of this agreement is essential for researchers, administrators, and stakeholders to effectively plan, budget, and execute research projects. With the F&A rate agreement in place, ASU can continue its mission to drive innovation and create a positive impact on the world.